​​I've always been interested in the body, movement, art, and sound and how it intersects with the spiritual and sacred. How the arts are a healing salve.

A seeker from childhood, I somehow intuited there was something far more magnificent than the Catholic God of my family’s belief. I would avoid going to the weekly mass, and instead would find myself running to the nearby forested lake, losing myself to my moving body, the sound of my voice, and communion in nature. I would hide away in the corners of my room writing and drawing.


What happened in those stolen moments was always mysterious - taking me to unknown places and leaving me longing for that place again and again.  I left home -- church hopping -- hoping to find something relatively similar to my ethereal and ecstatic experiences at the lake.  I never found it sitting in a pew, and eventually over time I left the seeking behind with the realization that I had already found and known these sacred places through the experiences of being in the great outdoors, and creating anything with my voice, hand, or body.

In the early years, I hid in my bedroom, or the giant maple tree in the front yard, or buried within the enormous rhododendron in the side yard, drawing, writing, dreaming,  and reading.  I found peace in those quiet moments. I discovered worlds beyond myself and the life I shared with my family.

I moved. I went from running to hiking to skiing, along with sitting meditation, to yoga, to finally, a deep and profound love – the dance of the 5Rhythms™ movement meditation. I became certified by Gabrielle Roth to teach the 5Rhythms™.   I went from sitting prayer, to moving prayer, to earth based and shamanic prayer.   I didn’t have one path, or one teacher that could take me through each of these practices – it was simply a following of the mystery, of my own longing.  I went to school and learned about somatic psychology and the power of the expressive arts. Gabrielle's refusal to teach me shamanism led me to the jungles of Peru and far-out places. I still take a yearly journey into the jungle. I learned that my soulful longings were deeply connected to my Filipino and Irish ancestral roots; and now I incorporate many of the healing and transformative tools of those cultures in my own work. 

These paths of physical and spiritual motion and union inform my creative offerings today. I’ve learned to embrace all of these methods and ways of being, unifying what I do physically, spiritually and emotionally in order to connect me to the larger whole.  I created the Gong Journey® - a sound vibration sojourn; the Serpent Temple – dynamic gatherings for women to sing, dance, create ritual, and pray together; and SpiritFlight - 10 day embodiment intensives to transform consciousness through expressive and ritual arts.  Underneath each of my offerings, gratitude, action, and service hold the ground. Underneath it all, soul salves healing inner loss and the innate desire to be in alignment with our own true nature.

I love leading groups of people beyond the normal five senses into our extrasensory capacities where we can experience Oneness, and discover a depth of presence we lack in our daily moments. I love being with others as they come back home to the honoring of their own natural rhythms and cycles.   I learned that communion and rites of passage were the deepest way to honor the self and mother earth. To give to our selves informs and allows transformative change in relationship in all areas of life – honoring our own sacrality corresponds equally with the rising respect and love for the great mother.  In this, we speed up the process of collective and earth healing.  These offerings can be found on www.mysteryinmotion.com.

Writing has accompanied my life path all along - though the majority of my work is in perpetual draft state. I intend to be more forthcoming in sharing this body of work.  While music always moved me, until I healed some inner wounds, I was unable to create music that I could share until the last decade.  Recently, due to a health crisis - cancer, which I call it creative cell growth stimulated my expression through visual art.  I could not move my body, or use my mind clearly and articulately, so the energy and information I experienced flowed through  my body and mind, through my fingers and paintbrushes onto paper.  So, this site, the home of my musical, artistic and written works. Please enjoy!  I enjoy hearing from you as well!