Explorations in frequency, cellular structures, energy and motion.   All pieces (and more) art available on Fine Art America

The murky waters of the deep bring forth lifeforms and energy, that swim in movement and motion longing to be understood. My deep was cancer.  I explore how cells and vibration move through the shapes of the mountains, the water, and the bodies of serpentine energy. I explore the relationship of the universal animation that is found in song lines, crystalline structures, and genetic codes.

I am compelled, compulsed, and I surrender to the revealing of the liminal, of the magical, of the other worldly exposing truths and uniting morphic fields of knowledge through vibratory patterns. Where it goes, is where it goes - sometimes discordant, sometimes beautiful, sometimes puzzling, sometimes childish, sometimes flowing into the mystery.  United, yet undefinable.  All of it, life, reflecting the same.  

There is something about what is conveyed through motion that words can never express.

PO Box 2686, Taos, NM  87571


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