WHOLE - All of You.

Bogota Columbia


A Life Grounded in Spirit

“And, remember, no matter where you go, there you are.  Confucious

Everything you do is a self-portrait.

“The soul is a holy actor, a whole self in action” GR
To be consciously aware of each moment, each breath, each expression is to cultivate your true self. How do you enact your true self in the day- to- day living?   The self that is free from limited beliefs, actions and expressions, and that leans in the instructive responses of life.

To embrace the holy actor is to be free and spontaneous, deepening presence with the road.  it is to respond with innnocence, humility, truth, courage, detachment, serenity, equanimity, sobriety and integrity.  The archetypes of the souls….dancer, singer, poet, actor, healer   invite you to your most authentic and integral and realized self.

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October 21st, Mondays 6:30-8:00

Access your own bodily wisdom
move your body fully
feel your heart expand
surrender your mind to
embody your soul and
reveal your
                       one true and free spirit.


This ongoing class invites the practices of deep listening, moving to the inner impulses, and staying connected to body and breath.  It is expressive and creative movement held with a strong container.  It is for anyone who wishes deeper presence in their lives, for anyone who struggles to make sense of their worlds with language and thought, and who wishes to create with their bodies.

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November 8 -10, 2019

$195 standard, $165 early by October 21st

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How are you feeling? Discontented? Out of balance? Alone? In Pain?  Afraid?  Uncertain? Confused? Marking a passage?  Chaotic times for sure.

But, underneath it all, you are a divine being.  Do you remember?  Would you like to remember?

Divine intelligence resides in your body and is innate for every person. This source - god, spirit, creativity, inspiration, whatever you want to call it, is in you.   In this workshop, you will use earthly energies to ground and support yourself; and access the heavenly realms to illuminate what lives underneath your pain.  You will move, meditate, journal and ritually embody your own divine intelligence.

The stars, the celestial realms shine bright offering inspiration and hope for a new day.  Move into the universal mind, and discover how this power manifests within yourself.

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