"The sound within meets the sound

of the universe, alchemically lifting
both inner and
outer vibration into a vast field of silence.
Into a new and magical world of wondrous creation." ​



Gong Journey®: Vibrational Sound Alignment

​Using Planetary Gongs, Visudha creates transformational healing waves of sound in a way that will soothe, inspire, heal and awaken your spirit. The rising and falling rhythms, sounds, and vibrations of planetary gongs will transport you to other realms creating a deep harmony and an extraordinary healing experience within the body.


Each gong is tuned to the harmonics of the orbital properties of planets and other celestial bodies offering a gateway back to our natural state of connectedness with the physical, emotional and spiritual worlds.

Visudha works intuitively with the Planetary Gongs of Sedna, Venus, and the New Moon. When the Gongs are played, participants are physically connected to the power of that planet’s resonance and attributes, inducing natural alignment and harmony ultimately providing healing at the cellular level.


Visudha was guided to work with the New Moon Planetary Gong because of her interest in deepening the feminine attributes of intuition and receptivity, and in stimulating our autonomic response to rhythms and cycles. This gong supports moving forward and manifesting our dreams. It supports being on the clock of natural rhythms rather than our race against father time.

As a passionate believer in the ‘beauty way’, Visudha also works with the Venus gong. Venus opens the doors of harmony, abundance, and creativity. She helps to deepen awareness of others and the environment; and to facilitate opening to the power and potential of relationships.

Working in the world of change, transformation, and consciousness, it was also a natural resonance for Visudha and Sedna to work together. Sedna helps to elicit new paradigms, and to experience our world from a global view. She provides access into the deep levels of the personal and collective unconsciousness, and divine intelligence.

Through the resonances offered by this trio of gongs, you are sure to experience an incredible sense of joy, an extraordinary healing experience and a deep sense of personal empowerment.

Sedna, she is the voice of the deep seas resonating with the oceans of material of the surrendered being.

A time for new beginnings for all living beings. A time for living the awakened heart.